-AFYA- Away From You All

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-AFYA- Away From You All
A Sidestory of Eenola
Created by COiN!!!P.
Starring Joy Picodot & Patrick Bethune
Produced by Leonard Lang
Directed by Ben Martin
Written by Ben Martin & Leonard Lang
Photography by Fabien Margnac
Editing by Sara Olaciregui
Music by Fred Guillon & Fumuj
Sound Mixing by Edwige Livet

-AFYA- Postproduction poster

-AFYA- Preproduction poster


2012 posters

Eenola. by COiN!!!P.2012

Eenola. by COiN!!!P.2012

EENOLA. by COiN!!!P.2012


2005 – the first Eenola short movie.

Eenola is a misanthropistic tale about the future.
A film about the search for balance, by the confrontation of opposite extremes.

In order not to spoil the ending of future versions of Eenola, the first short-movie is not viewable anymore.
Hope you won’t mind. :-)